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How to order on our website

1. Select the button in the horizontal menu "Price" (display all groups of goods ) or side vertical menu the desired product (display the selected product category ). Vybor menu item
2. Choose desired product and click "Details". Here you are offered for a complete description of the product. Nazhatie button Podrobnee
3. To apply for the purchase of this product, enter the required amount (it should not exceed the amount of stock available), click "Add to Cart". Vybor menu item
Tip. After adding to cart, optionally execute it immediately. You can further filter the products and add them to your cart. All added items are displayed when you hover over the "Basket" in the most true line of the page. From there, you can always go to shopping cart for ordering. Prosmotr korziny
4. After moving to the basket, you see all the added items. Check your order and click "Checkout". Proverka and oformlenie
5. On the next page, select the check box on the entry "Yes" and will deliver the address field. Vybor menu item
6. Carefully fill in all mandatory fields marked * starlets and other fields as needed. Click "Next". Vybor menu item
7. On the penultimate page refer to the positions of the order and the delivery address you entered and read the " Terms and right of return. "Place a checkmark in agreement with the rules, and then click "Checkout". Vybor menu item
8. On the next page we tell you "Thank you" - this confirms that your order is accepted and the manager will contact you way you pointed out. Vybor menu item