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Medicinal properties

Today, when the world of fashion is a growing interest for the unusual , refined and natural , you can see the attention that causes gentle goat down . He became a popular material for the production of highly artistic , unique in its kind of quality products . Slim and long feathers is ideal for making the most fashionable knitwear .

Products made of natural goat down nowadays are very popular because of its great qualities : the unique beauty , durability and excellent ability to retain heat. Goat fluff at all times, attributed to various medicinal properties. This way, in the villages knew long ago and premature , feeble children nursed , wrapped in downy shawls . Old people and now are " dushegreyki " - vests goat yarn escape from colds and lung diseases .

Scientists concerned about these facts , conducted the study. It turned out the whole thing in the unique properties of goat's wool .

First, it contains the substance in a more lanolin . Lanolin is included in all -allergic and anti-inflammatory drugs , promotes healing of wounds and fractures .

Secondly, sheep skin absorbs 33% moisture, and goat down - 35 % and evaporates it perfectly while remaining dry. For comparison , we can say that the cotton absorbs only 8 %, and synthetics - do not absorb moisture. Such warming is perfectly dry heat treats lymphadenitis, soothes rheumatic pains in the joints. With a cold or pneumonia , doctors recommended to warm the child , wrapped him in a shawl , instead of torturing banks and mustard plasters .

A long time in the steppe region of Orenburg a tradition - every bride should have to give her fiance feather scarf and gloves , which demonstrated not only her skills, but also was a talisman for future life together . It is no coincidence shawl considered a family talisman , and now he is passed from her grandmother to her daughter and granddaughter. At birth , the grandmother certainly give grandchildren shawl , make the child feel warm and calm , in severe frosts on the walk .

In Russia, there are only two places where there is a happy combination of climate , vegetation and ground down goats breed centuries , multiplied by the hard work of the villagers , and that made Orenburg Region and the Volgograd Prihopere main centers and puhovyazaniya goat in the world. Breeders tried to breed down goats in other places and countries , but in other climatic conditions ( absence of extreme continental climate - cold winters and hot summers ) undercoat precious lost his qualities : lightness and an amazing ability to retain heat .

It has long been styled goat down to as " soft gold" , which is quite justified : no other yarn can not be both a soft, gentle , light and warm . This is the beauty that warms .

What is so unique and therapeutic products in goat's wool prairie goats . Goat summer long been in the desert under the scorching sun . The air temperature in Volgograd and Orenburg steppe summer reaches 42-45 degrees Celsius , and the earth is warming up to 60 degrees. At this time, the goat is actively growing down, it is believed that fluff accumulates solar energy. So Fleece duvet gives a dry heat , prevents overheating and acts as an environmental filter. Pooh massages nerve endings of the skin and improves blood microcirculation in capillaries .

Medicinal properties of goat down due to its chemical composition , mechanical and physical characteristics. The most valuable properties are considered to be the goat down :

Hygroscopicity. Pooh can absorb up to 35% moisture content in relation to its own weight - this causes high hygienic properties of down .

Villi fuzz soaked goat wool grease . Wool grease - a mixture of sebum and sweat , sebum or wool grease contains wax . Wool grease and glues fluff fluff fleece protects against contamination .

The composition of down fibers includes 20 amino acids , the main are those that contain sulfur - tsestin , tsestein , meteonin .

Fluff has a very low thermal conductivity, all the heat produced by the body is not dispersed into the environment .

Pooh has a high elongation, elasticity , plasticity and softness. No wonder they say that when the hand touches the goat fluff , it misses the like butter .

It is well known that the products of down cures for diseases such as sciatica , low back pain , arthritis , and help prevent colds . It is particularly important that the goat down does not cause any allergic reactions in children or in adults .

And I want to say about some of the diseases for which reliably proven helps goat down . If a premature baby was born , it is better to cover a feather shawl. Radiculitis , polyneuritis - downy shawl waist. Migraine , inflammation of the trigeminal nerve on the head - a downy shawl or scarf . Migraine gradually recede . With angina instead of vodka compress - to the neck povyazhite shawl . When varicose veins useful to wrap legs feather shawl .

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First mentioning product made of goat down there to the end of the XVII century. Ural Cossacks, who settled in the Yaik, attracted the attention of local people's clothing - Kalmyks and Kazakhs. In the fierce cold, even when the bad Russian coat to keep warm, pastoralists prancing on their undersized horses in easy -looking clothes. "How did they suffer so cold?" - Surprised Cossacks. It was found that under light clothing herders wearing warm coat and scarf knitted from warm goat down. With the advent of Cossacks appeared and a new way of production down by combing rather than shearing , as it was previously. This is evidenced by the material AA Vasil'chenko "Origins" (the book " panels and tapestries in an unconventional technique"). Products obtained with the softer, lighter and warmer, and the Ural Cossack added to " blank " binding floral ornament - living nature motives.

Petro Rychkov - one of the first researchers handkerchief , he drew attention to the uniqueness of the local breed of goat down goats. In the" Transactions of the Free Economic Society" for 1766 was placed his study "The experience of goat hair," where he offers comb goat down and use it for knitting. In 1770, the wife of PI Rychkova - Alain Denisevna - together with other knitters introduced to the All Free Economic Society beautifully made products from goat's wool, for which he was awarded a gold medal. Subsequently, PI Rychkov and his wife gave a lot of effort to develop puhovyazaniya.

Cossack was Puhovyazanie for subsistence fishing as a means of earning extra money. Demand for delicate shawls was great. Since the beginning of the century became an indispensable part of the female costume . This is evidenced by the work of IV Bushuhinoy "Only when sleeping do not breed!" ( From the book "Seating yard." - 1999 - № 7 )

With the development of the fishery has grown and improved craftsmanship Orenburg downy shawls. Orenburg shawls as a unique artistic products were repeatedly shown on national and international exhibitions.

In December 1861 a petition submitted to the Governor of Orenburg Maria Nikolaevna Uskova wives constable Orenburg Cossack troops to send to the exhibition of its products in England - down shawls. The exhibition in London skilled worker prisuOrenburgskoe puhovyazanie - a rare type of folk art, preserved ancient traditions multiply centuries glory, became the trademark of modern Russia. The origins of the fishery are from the 17th century. Three centuries ago in the southern Urals, lived- pastoralists dominated sharp continental climate. To withstand temperatures locals combed down and knitting of it coat and scarf. With the advent of the places of Russian immigrants who joined with the natives in trade relations linked the first information on the garments of goat down. Such a bold assumption" to benefit from the goats" expressed renowned Russian scientist, researcher Orenburg region PI Rychkov in the special report of the Academy of Sciences. Soon his wife Alena Denisevna introduced the Free Economic Society yarn made of fluff local breed goats. So in Orenburg appeared puhovyazalny fishing. Through a long selection and breeding was derived downy goat. This breed , which has no analogues in the world, called "Orenburg". Argue that in the popularization of Orenburg shawls considerable merit of the soldiers and officers of the army Bonaparte, who at the retreat in 1812 fled from the severe frosts, wrapped in a warm shawl, previously confiscated from the Russian peasant. However, widely known in Europe Orenburg shawl received after the World Fair in 1862. It was then in London's famous "Crystal Palace" among hundreds of other exhibits were presented six Fine downy shawls related Orenburg Cossack Marya Uskova. Eventually, when the glory of the Orenburg puhovnitsah reached European capitals and lace products have gained recognition at international exhibitions in Paris and Brussels, souvenirs from Russia interested socialites, merchants and collectors. Later, in 1941, near Moscow, functional advantages shawls were able to estimate the soldiers of the Wehrmacht. This is evidenced by the book "at world exhibitions Ural".

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