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Телефон в г.Орске: (3537)21-19-39

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About Us

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Our company " Uralpromkontrakt " was established on 12 September 2002. Strategic aim of our company is to preserve and develop the ancient folk art of Orenburg - puhovyazaniya manual , based on the expansion of production and marketing of hand-knitted products throughout the former Soviet Union , through mailing .

From the first day of the existence of the company and today we carry out our activities hozyastvennuyu only within the chosen strategy. Over the years went through different periods : the ups and downs , disappointments and hopes . But , always positively tuned team of our company and the chosen path once allowed to embody the idea into reality .

After examining the operation puhovyazalnyh artisanal last and before last centuries and adding a modern business practices , we moved to "the way ».

We started with that began to attract skilled workers in our organization - knitters living in Orsk . Very quickly, within one or two months , learned about our company not only in Orsk , but in the surrounding towns and villages : Novotroitsk , Mr. Guy , towns Novoorsk , hydro and others. A year later , thanks to the competent marketing policy , and of the increasing production significantly , ten times larger volume of sales, in the ranks of our knitters joined and people living in remote villages of the Orenburg region . That allowed us to consider ourselves one of the largest industrial and commercial entities operating in this market .

In fact we are the team of puhovyazalnoy where realizing their creative possibilities now hundreds of masters , and the result of their inspired work are world famous products : Orenburg downy shawls, fishnet and superazhurnye " webs " and hand-knitted stoles .

All our knitters are home-based workers . This is a very convenient form of production, where the creative process is not constrained by the rigid framework of the administration . Puhovnitsa chooses a convenient time for her knitting and rest, and task management Uralpromkontrakta manage and control the production process only in strictly limited segment : the issuance of raw materials , quality control of the finished product and send it to the consumer .

To those of our female employees who live hundreds of miles away and can not come to us (most of them in old age and many are disabled ), we leave ourselves and accept the finished product right at home . And those who live close, come to us themselves .

Over the entire period of our company linked and sent thousands of unique creations of human hands in all parts of Russia and the near abroad . We were coming from everywhere letter of thanks from customers. Many customers know the quality of our products regularly buy them from the time of opening of the enterprise .

We are constantly in search of ideas for new products , so the selection of our products will always be replenished .

Where we are

At present, our company firmly maintains its position in the market Orenburg knitwear inside Russia . Besides retail customers , the company actively cooperates with wholesale customers , which significantly increases the chances of sales.

We have regular customers that make up the "Golden Fund" of our organization. Our team consists of professionals of the highest level , do not stop there , confidently moving towards creation and social cooperation with society.